What a night.

Full house.

Whisky tasting on Burns Night at Malta’s most prestigious wine and whisky stockist.

5 whiskies were tries

Lindores Abbey Core whisky

Casks of Lindores

Bourbon finish

STR Wine finish

Sherry Butt finish and last but not least Jon Cor Chapter 1- a whisky for the enthusiast.

My first whisky pairing took place at Meraki Restaurant on Saturday 11th November.

We tasted 3 finishes of Lindores Abbey Single malt whisky


STR wine Barrique and

Sherry Butt finish.

A great selection with a degustation menu prepared by Chef Dino.

A good time had by all

And here is the full range of Lindores Abbey Finishes


Sherry Butts

STR Wine Barriques and the unique

Jon Cor Chapter 1

Distinctive to say the least. Come on get a dram!!


From The spiritual home of Scottish malt distilling

After a break of 523 years, spirit is once again flowing from the copper stills at Lindores Abbey Distillery.

A Full Range is now available in Malta.

More details will be revealed on a daily basis

Lindores Abbey Distillery StillRoom


On April 8th we had a whisky tasting with a difference.

We tried a new product that will be available in Malta in the near future- a new whisky LINDORES ABBEY. More of that anon

We also had a highly heated version of a Benriach, a 15 year old Glenscotia and an Indian whisky- Amrut.

Off the 3 whiskies the overall winner was the Glenscotia- peaty nose, sweet palate and a spicy mellow aftertaste.




What better than a nice bottle of wine of my wines to enjoy and savour with your valentine.

ENJOY to the full but don’t drink and drive!!


Yesterday we had the pleasure of having a wine tasting at the prestigious Wembley Store in Valletta. It was attended by over 20 people. We were privileged to have the Fuleky winery Estates manager, Hajnalka who gave a brilliant presentation about the winery, the wines and the impact of the soil, climate change and fermentation processes have on the wines in question.

We tasted 4 wines, Fulop, Furmint, Late Harvest Pallas and the world famous Aszu 6 Pottunyos.

We are grateful to Chris Gauci and all staff at Wembley Stores for hosting the event.

To be repeated for sure

What a first night at the International Winter festival at Montecristo.

A fantastic team and the estate manager from Fuleky winery in Hungary, Hajnalka, did us proud with the Masterclass

2 more days to go- come and visit us and you will not regret it

You will be ‘Barking mad’ not to

Come and join us and taste some fabulous wines at Montecristo estate