“We have arrived in Tokaj!

Over the next week we will be staying at Fuleky winery and sharing what we learn as we go. We think it’s important to begin by taking a moment to talk about some of what makes the region of Tokaj so very unique. 

When you hear the words ‘wine appellation’ you may think of France, specifically Bordeaux. However it was Tokaj wine region which made vineyard classification a first in the world, set out by a royal decree in 1730 and then made into law in 1757. 

In more modern times Tokaj was named a Historic Cultural Landscape in 2002. This honors the unique and thousand year old viticultural tradition of winemaking (I’m talking Aszu here) as well as the landscape designed and maintained to uphold this winemaking legacy. 

Did you know Tokaj was a UNESCO World Heritage site? 

What about being the first appellation system in the world? 

Follow along to learn more in the coming days

“We are so excited to announce that our small team is headed to Hungary! 

We will be visiting Fuleky winery in the Tokaj region and reporting on all the insights we learn as we go.

Check our stories and our feed this week to learn the latest about the very special wines of Tokaj, Hungary.

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Last night was a magical night at Villa Bologna. We had an exclusive whisky tasting for FAA members only, where we tasted 4 different finishes of Lindores Abbey whisky. The participants enjoyed the whiskies a lot and this was accompanied by some delicate food, including some hard cheeses and authentic Scottish haggis. An exquisite set […]

What a night.

Full house.

Whisky tasting on Burns Night at Malta’s most prestigious wine and whisky stockist.

5 whiskies were tries

Lindores Abbey Core whisky

Casks of Lindores

Bourbon finish

STR Wine finish

Sherry Butt finish and last but not least Jon Cor Chapter 1- a whisky for the enthusiast.

My first whisky pairing took place at Meraki Restaurant on Saturday 11th November.

We tasted 3 finishes of Lindores Abbey Single malt whisky


STR wine Barrique and

Sherry Butt finish.

A great selection with a degustation menu prepared by Chef Dino.

A good time had by all

And here is the full range of Lindores Abbey Finishes


Sherry Butts

STR Wine Barriques and the unique

Jon Cor Chapter 1

Distinctive to say the least. Come on get a dram!!


From The spiritual home of Scottish malt distilling

After a break of 523 years, spirit is once again flowing from the copper stills at Lindores Abbey Distillery.

A Full Range is now available in Malta.

More details will be revealed on a daily basis

Lindores Abbey Distillery StillRoom


On April 8th we had a whisky tasting with a difference.

We tried a new product that will be available in Malta in the near future- a new whisky LINDORES ABBEY. More of that anon

We also had a highly heated version of a Benriach, a 15 year old Glenscotia and an Indian whisky- Amrut.

Off the 3 whiskies the overall winner was the Glenscotia- peaty nose, sweet palate and a spicy mellow aftertaste.




What better than a nice bottle of wine of my wines to enjoy and savour with your valentine.

ENJOY to the full but don’t drink and drive!!